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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of K-Kids membership?

Involvement in K-Kids provides the opportunity to develop self-esteem, leadership skills, morals and standards and respect for others. This program involves elementary students, their parents, teachers and Kiwanis members in developing a character education opportunity as well as exposure to the concepts of community service and service learning.

Members learn that their opinions and ideas count, and that they can be productive members of society. They form sound personal values and experience satisfaction in knowing they did something to help improve the world around them. K-Kids members learn to work together as a group and yet be strong individually.

How do I join?

K-Kids membership is open to any student who desires to become a leader in his or her school and community and wishes to provide service to others. 

Learn more about joining a K-Kids club.

How many members are needed to start a K-Kids club?

There is not a set minimum number of members, but it is suggested that 15 students participate. This gives the club a good, strong start!

How much time do K-Kids clubs take?

Clubs meet as often as they choose, according to their own requirements. Each club is run independently and can adapt to the needs of members, advisors and sponsors. The club you sponsor will set its own meeting times and plan its own projects and activities.

What are the responsibilities of the Kiwanis club to the K-Kids club?

Review the Kiwanis Service Leadership Programs Sponsorship Toolkit to learn what is expected of the Kiwanis club.

How much does it cost to start a K-Kids club?

Learn about club fees.

What do I receive in the program kit when I charter or renew my K-Kids club?

Items included in the K-Kids program kit.

What if the club is unable to secure a faculty advisor? 

If the club is unable to find a faculty member to serve as a club advisor a parent can volunteer to serve in this role. The parent will need to meet volunteer requirements established by the school and have the approval of the principal.

Have more questions? 

E-mail the Kiwanis member services team.