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Club fees 

A sponsoring Kiwanis club pays the initial chartering fee for K-Kids clubs, which can vary from US$180 to US$300 depending on geographic location. To find out how much it would cost to charter a K-Kids club at your primary/elementary school or community-based organization serving elementary students, contact the Kiwanis International member services team at 1-800-549-2647 ext. 411 or email 

Every year thereafter, a sponsoring Kiwanis club pays an annual renewal fee of US$180. The renewal fee will be included on the Kiwanis club's invoice in the online reporting system. For K-Kids without a sponsoring Kiwanis club, the club is billed directly on an annual basis. This fee provides a program kit with club and member materials.

There is no dues structure for K-Kids, unless adopted by the local club. If your club chooses to collect member dues, establish that expectation - including the amount - in your club bylaws. Aim to keep these dues at a minimal amount so that no member is prohibited from joining. Plan to use those funds for club-level projects and expenses.

Membership materials

K-Kids clubs receive a program kit annually. The kit includes essential tools such as an advisor guide, member handbooks, buttons and more. Sponsoring Kiwanis clubs are able to update the membership counts and shipping addresses for the program prior to the shipment of the kits. Instructions are emailed to the Kiwanis club secretary and can also be found online at For K-Kids clubs without a sponsoring Kiwanis club, the faculty adivsors can update the membership counts prior to the shipment of the kits by contacting the Kiwanis International member services team at 1-800-549-2647 ext. 411 or email

Confirming the number of K-Kids club members prior to registering online is helpful as program kits include supplies for up to 50 K-Kids members. If additional materials are needed, a supplemental program kit can be ordered at the time of registration. Supplemental program kits include member materials for 25 additional members. Visit the Club Renewal Center for more information.

If the correct member count was not provided at the time of registration, the K-Kids club member count can be adjusted by e-mailing the club name and club ID number with the updated membership count to the Kiwanis Member Services team at