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  • Show off your K-Kids club!

    Sharing with your sponsoring Kiwanis club

    It’s important for club officers to share an end-of-the-year report to the sponsoring Kiwanis club. It's the best way to let Kiwanians know the K-Kids club is making a difference—and to thank them for making it possible. 

    Since the Kiwanis advisor is a direct link to the sponsoring Kiwanis club, he or she can help K-Kids club officers request time to present at an upcoming meeting. And you can help the club officers develop their presentation.

    Here are ideas of what to include in the presentation:

    • Service success. Share pictures and stories from the year's service projects. Include personal quotes from members and describe how the club has made a difference in their lives. Tell Kiwanians what members learned from volunteering, and why the club is important to the school and local community.
    • Numbers. Show Kiwanis club members how much they matter to K-Kids. Offer a club report that includes the number of students in the club, total dollars raised, total number of service projects—and any other relevant information. Highlight whatever is most important for them to know.
    • Feedback. Were any of the K-Kids' projects similar to the Kiwanis club’s? Ask the Kiwanians—and get ideas for next year's service projects. Build momentum for the two clubs to be more involved with each other in the future. 
    • Invitation. Can your K-Kids meeting space accommodate extra guests? If so, encourage Kiwanis club members to come to the final K-Kids meeting or the year-end party. This is a great way for Kiwanians to introduce themselves observe K-Kids club culture first-hand. 

    Most importantly, don’t forget to thank your sponsoring Kiwanis club! Ask K-Kids members to create thank you cards ahead of time and distribute them to Kiwanians after the presentation.

    Sharing with your school administration

    After presenting to the sponsoring Kiwanis club, encourage club officers to give a similar presentation to school leaders. When they see how students are partnering with adults to create a positive change in the school and community, school leaders will be encouraged to support K-Kids—and engage them with new opportunities. Remember: the faculty advisor is a direct link to the school, so he or she could help the club officers personally invite school leaders to an upcoming K-Kids meeting.

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  • What’s next for graduating K-Kids

    Want your graduating K-Kids members to continue to grow and learn from service leadership? Encourage them to join Builders Club in middle school. That's the next program in the Kiwanis family, so talk with your sponsoring Kiwanis club to see if they also sponsor a Builders Club nearby. Or check the Club Information Listing report under Builders Club to see if there is a chartered club in your district.

    If nearby middle schools don’t have a Builders Club, help your sponsoring Kiwanis club tell local school administrators about the club's impact. After all, person-to-person communication is the best way to spread inspiration about youth programs.

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