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  • Make an impression with the power of thanks

    In addition to the Kiwanis advisor and faculty advisor, K-Kids clubs receive support from other volunteers, including parents, teachers, principals, business leaders, community leaders and more. Recognize those special individuals by asking members to show them appreciation.

    Some ideas to get you started are:

              1. Hosting a recognition event, such as a breakfast or lunch.
              2. Personally calling each volunteer to thank them for their help.
              3. Sending thank-you cards.
              4. Delivering creative gifts with a short note. Here are a few ideas
                  for inspiration:
                          a) Teacher appreciation:
                               Buy a measurement-themed gift and include the free
                               printable note with the words “You totally RULE:
                               Thanks for making this year so great!”

                           b) Volunteer appreciation:
                               (for a friend, coworker, neighbor, parent)
                               Buy a drink item and create your own note with the
                               words “People like you are so refreshing!” to include.

                           c) Youth worker appreciation:
                               (for a fellow teacher, principal, community
                               organization leader)
                               Buy a small potted herb like thyme, mint or
                               sage and create your own note that uses the
                               name of the herb in a fun way.

    Check out the official K-Kids pinterest board for more fun and easy examples your club members can replicate.

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  • Create custom club T-shirts like a pro using the Kiwanis T-shirt Shop

    Who needs a graphic artist or professional designer? Not you! Now you can visit the Kiwanis T-shirt Shop and create your own T-shirt like a pro. Add your own club name, choose from a variety of great graphics and fabulous colors, and make them your own! These are perfect for personal, just-for-me-tees, or making a statement at your next community service or fundraising event. All designs are brand compliant so you can strut them with pride. 

    Currently, K-Kids has two great graphics to choose from. Sizing guidelines are available. Once an order has been placed, allow 5-7 business days for production.

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