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Hands-on fundraising

Create a calendar

  • Club members develop a theme or simply color pictures for a special school calendar.
  • Approach the school faculty to assist with making a list of dates that should be noted on the calendar.
  • Approach a printer about offering a discount for printing the calendar, and offer the printer advertising on the calendar.
  • An adult with access to a computer may need to assist with this project.  The adult will be responsible for producing the layout of the calendar and adding the notations in the correct date blocks of the calendar.
  • After the calendars have been printed, sell the calendars to parents, local businesses, etc.  The price of the calendar should cover the printing and allow for additional funds to support the school improvement project of the club’s choice. 

Save a memory DVD sale

  • The school’s audiovisual department can help with this project, or contact the middle school or high school audiovisual department. This project should be conducted as a joint fundraiser with proceeds benefiting both the school and the club.
  • Film special school events such as the school’s holiday program.
  • Provide an order form to parents as they arrive at the event, letting them know that the program is being taped and that copies are available for a fee.  The form should note that the proceeds are going to support the purchase of needed school equipment.
  • The forms and money are returned to the K-Kids club after the event, either that evening or later that week.
  • The appropriate number of duplicate DVDs are created and given to the students to deliver to their parents.  

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