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Becoming a superhero

K-Kids have the power to change the the school, the community and the world to make them better. This is truly a super power making K-Kids the superheros of their school and community. 

Becoming a superhero doesn't happen overnight. Strengthening the inner superhero is something that happens over time. Here's how a K-Kid's thought process changes as the inner superhero awakens.

The HEART TO SERVE super power is getting stronger when....

You want to make the world better. When you see someone who is sad or who needs help, you want to improve things. You even suggest a service project the club can do to help. 

The CALL TO LEAD super power is growing when.....

You want to help people be the best they can be. you might help someone solve a problem, or share a book as a resource. You might even decide to lead a club committee or run for club president. 

The COURAGE TO ENGAGE super power is at full strength when....

You notice when things are not right and step up to do something about it. You approach kids at your school about helping. You may even decide to learn more about the issue and teach others how to make it better.