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K-Kids member holding March of Dimes donation bucket.
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March of Dimes

What is March of Dimes?

It’s an organization that fights to save babies’ lives. It does this in communities across the country by helping babies be born healthy.

The March of Dimes uses the money you raise in March for Babies to help sick babies get better. It helps scientists do research to find cures for birth defects and to learn why some babies are born too soon. It works to make sure that women who are having babies go to the doctor or a clinic. And it teaches them the importance of taking care of themselves, eating nutritiously, and taking vitamins. All this helps the mom to stay healthy, so she can have a healthy baby.

By teaming up with the March of Dimes in March for Babies, you’re doing some really important stuff to help babies be born healthy and grow up healthy.

We are walking to give every baby a healthy start. Happy March for Babies!

Want to be a part of the action? It's easy, it's fun, and it's good exercise!

Visit to see when a March for Babies event is taking place near you! Most March for Babies events take place the last weekend in April.

Then register online or with your local March of Dimes chapter to create your own team for March for Babies 2008.

To find your local chapter, go to the March of Dimes Team Youth website ( You'll also find resources, tips and strategies for how to make the most out of your walk. Make sure you let the local Mark of Dimes chapter know that you are a K-Kids club member and part of the Kiwanis International family.