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Thank you for committing to and inspiring K-Kids members and advisors. Below you’ll find resources to assist you in supporting your district.

District administrator guide:
This guide contains information and suggestions on how to support your district. It includes a calendar, position description, how to run reports and much more! 

Position description: 

Kiwanis International strongly suggests this position description for the K-Kids district administrator position. Each district may have additional duties or variations on these suggestions. Connect with the Kiwanis district office to learn about any additional expectations.

This calendar is provided to club advisors in the K-Kids and Builders Club advisor guide. Administrators can use this calendar to help support club advisors. Also, at the end of each month’s list are a few suggestions for the administrator’s checklist, as well as space to customize each month around the district’s needs.

Workshop facilitator resources:
K-Kids 101: Coach. Mentor. Role Model.

​This ready-to-run workshop is an important tool to assist you in the field. It is an interactive course that explores how K-Kids works, how the K-Kids advisor fits into that picture, and clarifies the learning outcomes of the K-Kids program. Download the faciliator guide for instructions on accessing the course and facilitator notes to use with the training.

K-Kids 201: Knowledge. Tools. Strategies.
This ready-to-run workshop is an important tool to assist district administrators in the field. It is an interactive course that explores the Service Leadership Model of K-Kids, the characteristics members develop as a result of being involved in K-Kids, and practical techniques for advisors to help K-Kids members’ development. Download the facilitator guide for instructions on accessing the course and facilitator notes to use with the training. 

Each K-Kids district administrator earns funds for reimbursement by building new clubs within the district. Using the reimbursement form, district administrators can submit reimbursements for up to US$50 for each K-Kids club chartered within the district during an administrator’s term. You are eligible to receive reimbursement for anything associated with promotion or support of the K-Kids program.

Kiwanis Youth Protection Guidelines:
There are more than 300,000 members in Kiwanis youth programs. Their care and safety is entrusted to every Kiwanis club member. For Kiwanis to be the premier provider of youth service clubs and programs, we must hold ourselves and fellow members to the highest standards of conduct and awareness.

Chartering information:  
A district administrator’s role is to promote K-Kids to potential sponsoring Kiwanis clubs and to promote those that take on this commitment. Review K-Kids chartering resources

Annual club renewal fee:
Beginning the year after the K-Kids club is chartered, the sponsoring Kiwanis club will be billed for an annual renewal fee by Kiwanis International. After following the steps to complete the renewal process, the K-Kids club will receive a kit with resources.

Club reports:
In order to assist with fee collection and the maintenance of accurate contact information at Kiwanis International, district administrators must access information through Kiwanis. The Service Leadership Program Reports feature is a way to access information on clubs in your district. All K-Kids district reports are downloadable from the Kiwanis International database in an Excel document.

Annual contests and awards: 
Clubs and individual members have an opportunity to participate in contests and win awards. Refer to the online contest web page for categories, themes and recognition awarded.

Monthly e-newsletters:
From August to May, Kiwanis International publishes a monthly e-newsletter for K-Kids advisors. In these emails, an advisor will get updates, tips, activity ideas, resources and much more. You should receive a copy as well.