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Sponsorship Toolkit

Find: a site and sponsor. 
Lead: Kiwanis-family members in organizing a program.
Serve: program participants through empowering and mentoring.

1. Find

A site and sponsor
The first step to organizing a Bring Up Grades program is finding a site where the program is needed. Possible sites include elementary schools, Boys and Girls Clubs or youth centers that provide after-school programming.

A Kiwanis-family club sponsors the Bring Up Grades program by providing financial support and hands-on guidance. It takes two lead people to initiate the program: a contact person from your site and an advisor from your local Kiwanis club.

These resources will help you get started.

        Sponsoring a Service Leadership Program

        Find a Kiwanis club sponsor

        Kiwanis club locator

        Frequently asked questions

Program information
Gather materials to introduce the program to the principal/site coordinator and participating faculty/staff.


      Bring Up Grades flier

      Letter to principal from Kiwanis club

      Letter to principal from Key Club

      Letter to principal from Circle K club

2. Lead

Order the Bring Up Grades program kit from the Kiwanis Family Store. 

      Purchase a program kit

Establish a program budget
Knowing your anticipated financial needs will be helpful when soliciting assistance from a local business sponsor.

        Sample budget

        Find a business sponsor        

Decorate the school/site
The Bring Up Grades program kit includes a banner, posters and bulletin board decor. Take time to display these materials in prominent areas of the building. Need more materials? Order more.       

        Bring Up Grades materials

Make time to educate participants, adult volunteers and parents.

       Educate participants and adult volunteers

       Tips for trainers

       Facilitators guide

       Participant educational PowerPoint

       Send a Bring Up Grades flier home with each participant.

       Invite parents to an informational meeting

       Parent education PowerPoint presentation

       Order Kiwanis Kids brochures. View the Kiwanis Kids brochure.

3. Serve

Empowering youth
The Bring Up Grades program provides students with important life skills known as developmental assets. The more developmental assets a child attains the better he or she does in dealing with life’s challenges. Kiwanis-family volunteers can help participants gain these skills by mentoring and tutoring students. 

        Developmental Assets 

Through the Bring Up Grades program, you have an opportunity to assist youth with improving reading and study skills. Learn more about how to mentor effectively and learn how mentoring impacts youth.

        How to mentor

        Kiwanis Read Around the World program

        Positive impact of mentors

Consider establishing a tutoring program to assist youth struggling in specific subject areas. This is a chance to involve Kiwanis members, Key Club (high school) and Circle K (college) members.

        Organizing a tutoring program

Peer mentoring
Follow the Participant Education PowerPoint to identify academic strengths and weaknesses of students and create study groups. Peer mentoring teaches participants how to be servant leaders.

        What is a servant leader

        Organizing peer mentors


Things you need to know


Purchase a program kit

       Purchase a Bring Up Grades program kit