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The Kiwanis International General Liability Program is designed to protect clubs, members and Service Leadership Programs clubs from claims of property damage and bodily injury to non-Kiwanians when either is caused by a Kiwanis-sponsored event, activity or from a Kiwanian themselves. The program protects every Kiwanis club and foundation, which includes K-Kids and Builders Club. A “member” must be listed on the official K-Kids club or Builders Club membership roster. This roster will be maintained in the sponsoring school office and should be updated once a year. The insurance policy may not provide coverage to the individual if they are not an official Kiwanis member.


The following coverage is provided: premises, operations and activities, elevator liability, products and completed operations, owners and contractors protective, contractual liability, broad form property damage, personal injury coverage, fire legal liability, incidental malpractice, hired, rented and non-owned automobile liability, liquor liability, medical payments—third parties, members and volunteers: US$5,000.
This is a legal liability policy. The provisions of the policy apply to most normal liability exposures of Kiwanis clubs and Service Leadership Programs. As with most insurance policies, there are exclusions,
limitations and restrictions. For a list of these exclusions and more information, see the Club Insurance

resource guide available at

You may also contact the safety coordinator of your club’s sponsoring Kiwanis club, who can help in obtaining a certificate of insurance, filing a claim or finding the answer to a risk management question.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. If a K-Kids or Builders Club member sprains an ankle during a fundraiser, is the injury covered?
Yes, but the coverage is self-insured by Kiwanis International. Limits are US$5,000 for third parties and US$5,000 for club members and volunteers. Your K-Kids or Builders Club member must be listed on the annual K-Kids club or Builders Club membership roster to claim this benefit. To provide further coverage for club members and volunteers, see pages 4-7 in the Optional Insurance resource guide.

2. Is an injury caused by a K-Kids or Builders Club member on a Kiwanis project covered?
Yes, but only if there is legal liability resulting from negligence of a named insured.

3. Is coverage provided to a participant in a sporting event or other activity sponsored by Kiwanis?
Such an individual is covered, but only if there is legal liability resulting from negligence of a named insured. Note that medical payments coverage does not apply to athletic participants.

4. Occasionally, our K-Kids club or Builders Club has nonmember volunteers assist with our activities. Are these volunteers covered?

Yes, but only if there is legal liability for injury or damage arising out of their negligence. Medical payments coverage would also apply to volunteers if they are injured while working in a Kiwanis-sponsored activity.