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Social and Emotional Learning

Promoting development of happy, healthy, caring kids 

Here are activities you can include during K-Kids functions to promote development of Social and Emotional skills. When children focus on developing this skill set they strengthen their emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is the ability to cope day to day with thoughts, feelings, emotions and connections to others.

Each of the Social and Emotional Learning core competencies are listed below. Suggested K-Kids activities are listed under each area.

Self-awareness: knowing what we think and feel, and how thoughts and feelings influence actions and choices. 

Member activities - hands-on activities that promote kindness and caring for self and others

Terrific Kids Journal - an exercise that teaches the Terrific Kids character traits through practice 

Self-management: learning how to handle challenging emotions so they don't cause problems; being able to set goals and deal with obstacles 

Mindful awareness exercise - a tool advisors can use to promote attention, focus and a sense of calm

K-Kids Happy Book - an exercise that teaches how to focus on positive feelings about self

Reflective listening and response - a video to help with reflective listening

Responsible decision-making: being able to come up with solutions to problems and consider the consequences of actions on ourselves and others.  

Teachable moments - articles and activities available for use as character teaching tools

Planning service projects - resources to assist club members with identifying a problem and making a plan to solve it

Social Awareness: understanding the thoughts, feelings, and perspectives of others and developing empathy. 

Reflection - an exercise to assist club members in processing thoughts and feelings

Reflection handout – a handout club members can use to reflect after completion of a service project

Relationship Skills: being able to work through conflicts; having strong connections to other people but resisting negative peer pressure.

Member activities – hands-on activities that promote kindness and caring toward self and others

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