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Finding business sponsors

Where to look

The connection

  • Ask school faculty for suggestions.
  • Ask Parent Teacher Organization/Parent Teacher Association members for suggestions.
  • Conduct online research and look for businesses that provide funding for community service projects. These businesses are more likely to provide support. 
  • Ask Kiwanis club members for suggestions. 
  • Use the Business Sponsor Checklist to record school statistics to share with the prospective sponsor. Use this as a reference when meeting with the prospective business sponsor.

The introduction

  • Edit the suggested letter to prospective business sponsors and mail or hand-deliver the letter along with the brochure to the prospective business sponsor.
  • Call one week after sending the letter and schedule a follow-up meeting.

The meeting

  • Thank the prospective sponsor for attending the meeting.
  • Refer to the Kiwanis brochure and share key points about Kiwanis and K-Kids.
  • Share information with the prospective sponsor about the benefits of becoming a K-Kids business sponsor.

                Increased visibility                

                Increased business

                Improved community image          

  • Here are some suggested ways to promote a business sponsor with your community. 

                School yearbook

                Materials going home to parents

                News releases sent to local media

                Name recognition on bumper stickers

  • Provide options for contributing resources to the K-Kids club.

                Supplies to conduct service projects

                Refreshments for club meetings

                Club T-shirts

The follow-up

  • Send a thank-you card or note to the business sponsor. Present the sponsor with a thank-you poster.

              Sample thank you poster

              Thank you poster template        

  • When sending news releases about the K-Kids club to local media, mention the business sponsor’s name. If the news release is published in the newspaper, send a copy of the newspaper article with a thank-you note to the business sponsor.
  • Invite the business sponsor to K-Kids club meetings. Conduct a recognition ceremony to say thank you.   Present the business sponsor with a gift. The Kiwanis Store has great gift ideas.