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Agendas and resources for advisors and club members to conduct productive and fun meetings online or in person. 


  • Advisors Gather at the 2019 Kiwanis International Convention

    Kiwanis advisors to K-Kids and Builders Club will meet, share best practices and get tips and ideas from one another's experiences during an informal gathering taking place at the 2019 Kiwanis International Convention at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. Join us on Saturday, June 29 from 8:30 - 9:20 a.m. in Yucatan 1. View the official convention schedule for more information. 

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  • What's next for graduating K-Kids

    Builders Club is the middle school program in the Kiwanis family. K-Kids can move on to this program if a Builders Club is established at the middle school. Talk with your sponsoring Kiwanis club to see if they sponsor a Builders Club and if not, ask them to consider establishing a club to welcome K-Kids members.

    Another option is to check the Club Information Listing report under Builders Club and find out if there is a chartered club in your school district.

    If your school district doesn’t have a Builders Club, help your sponsoring Kiwanis club tell local school administrators about the K-Kids club's impact and the need to continue the effort in middle school. After all, person-to-person communication is the best way to spread inspiration about youth programs.

    Use these resources that describe the skills Kiwanis Youth Programs develop.

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