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K-Kids club members


You're a K-Kid. Get ready to have fun and help your community.

K-Kids is a service club for students in elementary school. It's led by elementary students just like you and teaches the value of helping others by taking part in community service projects. 

Things you need to know

Here you’ll find resources to help you organize service projects, run club meetings and much, much more. 


What is K-Kids?

    Educating K-Kids members - This is a PowerPoint presentation

Becoming the best K-Kids you can be

    Member activities - Caring for self and others

How do we run club meetings? 

    Sample club meeting agenda

    Using parliamentary procedure               

How do we recruit members?

    Club member recruitment

How do we come up with service project ideas?

    Project survey guide

    View the K-Kids Zone magazine to see what other clubs do.

How do we plan community service projects?

    Planning service projects

What else can we do?

    Earn banner patches


    Annual Achievement Report

    Recognize your club advisors at the end of the year

    Advisor recognition award

    Promote your club

    How to take good photos 

    How to create a website

    How to write a news release