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Penny war toolkit

Wondering how to get started with a penny war? Here’s a quick look at how it works.

Each team decorates a container to collect coins. Use two-liter soda bottles or five-gallon water jugs so you can see what you’re earning. 

Print the name of the class or grade and teacher on the container. Students can also use the printable graphics from The Eliminate Project cutout toolkit to decorate the team’s container. 

Students bring pennies to school and donate to their team’s container. They receive one point for each penny placed in the container. 

Here’s where the fun begins. Students can sabotage progress of the other teams by placing silver coins (nickels, dimes, quarters and dollars) in their containers. Each silver coin subtracts points from that container.  A nickel subtracts 5 points; a dime subtracts 10 points, and so on. 

Empty team containers and count earnings daily. Add up the number of pennies earned as well as the total amount in silver coin. Subtract the silver coin total from the penny total. Then post this number outside the classroom for all to see. Posting the amount of points accumulated by each class motivates students to bring even more change to school as the week progresses. 

Before you start, share information with teachers and students about how a penny war works. K-Kids members can write down instructions and present information during morning announcements or they can visit each classroom to present information. 

K-Kids members will want to decide on prizes to be awarded to the winning teams. Ask your sponsoring Kiwanis club if the club can help fund and present prizes. Consider awarding prizes for the following: 

First prize:   most points earned = pennies minus silver

Second prize:   most money earned = pennies plus silver