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This schedule, designed especially for K-Kids clubs, will guide you through the process of educating, inspiring and motivating others to take action during K-Kids Eliminate Week. 

Three weeks before the event
  • Include information about Eliminate Week in the school newsletter that’s sent home to parents.
  • Make posters and print posters from the website.
  • Write scripts for future announcements. Use these helpful tips.
  • Make The Eliminate Project buttons. Download advocacy button instructions and templates.
Two weeks before the event
  • Make announcements.
  • Decorate the hallways with posters.
  • Wear buttons to get kids talking.
One week before the event
  • Make announcements.
  • Decorate the cafeteria with posters and table tents (table tent 1, table tent 2).
  • Place printable word search puzzles on cafeteria tables.
  • Appoint a donation collection committee to count and post totals for money raised.
  • Appoint a progress-chain-making committee. A link is added to the paper chain for each US$1.80 contribution and display the chain in a prominent area.
The week of the event
  • Make announcements. (Share daily contribution totals.)
  • Collect funds from donation containers daily, count and post totals.
  • Add links to the paper chain for each US$1.80 earned.
  • On the final day of the event, announce the total amount your club raised.
The week after the event
  • Use the Kiwanis Family Contribution Form to submit contributions to Kiwanis.
  • Your club may qualify for a banner patch or more for your fundraising efforts. Go for the gold—or strive for the silver!
  • Share your story and earn a participation banner patch.
  • Visit The Eliminate Project website to see the campaign’s progress. Your club gift will be added to these contributions.