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Empowering youth

The longest-lasting impact is the kind that occurs during a child's development. The Search Institute has identified 40 experiences and qualities that make a difference. These developmental assets are both internal and external--influences within the children themselves and throughout their environment.

Kiwanis Kids programs contribute positively in both regards. When you get involved with a K-Kids club or a Terrific Kids or Bring Up Grades program, you're advancing assets such as:


    The presence of people who love and appreciate the child.


    The need to feel valued and valuable.

    Commitment to learning

    A child's belief in the importance of education and his or her abilities.

    Social competencies

    The skills to interact, make decisions and handle new situations.

In partnership with Kiwanis Kids programs, you'll have valuable support for the work you do in enhancing children's development. We hope to help you provide a lasting influence.

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