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Empower your child to believe and achieve

Sometimes children just need encouragement. A nudge in the right direction. Someone to inspire them to reach their full potential. That’s what Terrific Kids is all about! 

Terrific Kids focuses on character (Thoughtful, Enthusiastic, Respectful, Responsible, Inclusive Friendly, Inquisitive, Capable) and rewards achievement, which focuses on learning and living the Terrific Kids character traits.

    About Terrific Kids

A Kiwanis club, made up of service-minded members of the community, sponsors the Terrific Kids program at the school providing programming, volunteer support  and funding.

About Kiwanis

Founded in 1915, Kiwanis International is a global organization of clubs and members dedicated to serving the children of the world and developing youth leaders. Kiwanis and its family of clubs, including Circle K International for university students, Key Club for students age 14-18, Builders Club for students age 11-14, Kiwanis Kids for students age 6-12 and Aktion Club for adults living with disabilities, dedicate annually more than 18 million service hours to strengthen communities and serve children. The Kiwanis International family comprises nearly 600,000 adult and youth members in 80 countries and geographic areas.


How do participants benefit?

Students learn how to set goals.
Students who participate in Terrific Kids set their own goals and work to achieve them. They’re active participants, so they’re engaged.

Students learn perseverance.
When confronted with failure, kids who take part in Terrific Kids reflect, adjust and try again. Students learn from failure.

Students connect with mentors.
Children who take part in Terrific Kids interact with adults who display good character. They improve study habits and learn lessons about life. Sometimes mentors even discover opportunities for grants and funding. Learn more about mentoring through Terrific Kids.


Students learn about and practice peer mentoring.
Students give back to other kids through peer mentoring. They discover their classmates’ strengths and go to each other for help, which builds skills and self-confidence.

Students build character and develop leadership skills.
They attain important life skills known as developmental assets that help them make smart choices. According to the Search Institute, an organization focused on helping youth succeed, the more developmental assets students attain, the less likely they are to participate in risky behavior and the more likely they are to succeed.

     Developmental assets

Students transform the school environment to a bully-free zone.  
Terrific Kids programming encourages an all-inclusive, bully-free school environment. Students learn about and model good character, which positively impacts everyone.

    Terrific Kids PowerPoint presentation for parents

Help your child succeed!
There are things you can do as a parent to help your child be more successful while participating in the Terrific Kids program.

    Tips for parents

    Start a Terrific Kids program in your school today

    Find a Kiwanis club in your area