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  • Social media: six tips to spread the word

    A simple photo can say so much more than a paragraph of text. Photos can help you share information, communicate what your club is passionate about, and even get the attention of school leaders. Here are six tips to using social media for your K-Kids club.

          1. Stay connected. "Like" the official K-Kids page on Facebook and
              follow us on Twitter. Feel free to share any images or stories that
              you think your community would like to see.
          2. Be responsible. Obtain a signed photo release form and save it
              for every K-Kids member in your club. Be sure to not post a
              picture of any member who does not have a photo release form on
          3. Keep it real. Photos of real events and activities help convey your
              club's culture. Snap a photo of your K-Kids in action. Take photos
              that capture an emotion. Capture moments at charter
              ceremonies, member and officer installations, hands-on service
              projects, advocacy efforts and fundraising events.
          4. Keep it in focus. Don't use blurry or small photos. Crisp photos
              look great on different types and sizes of devices and computers.
          5. Keep it simple. When describing your photo, give readers all the
              information they need to understand your post. But be
              concise—include only important details like club name, school
              name, location and activity. Try to keep text to two or three
          6. Be strategic. Use the @ tag to alert specific people that you're
              talking about them, giving them a heads-up, and are open to
              them responding. And always tag @KiwanisKids so we can share
              your club's hard work!

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  • How to be a distinguished K-Kids club

    The K-Kids Annual Achievement report is an online form that club advisors use to report what K-Kids members accomplished during the 2016–17 year. In fact, think of this report as a guide to what your K-Kids club should accomplish every year. Kiwanis International reviews each report and assigns points to each achievement completed. Clubs with 15 points or more receive an official letter of congratulations, a banner patch, and a listing on the K-Kids website.

    Benefits of being a distinguished club

    • Recognition makes members proud and shows others how successful the club has been throughout the year. 
    • It's an opportunity to share great news about club accomplishments—particularly with the school, the district and sponsoring clubs. Others will want to celebrate with you, and they might even bestow recognition of their own!
    • It might inspire others to start new K-Kids clubs. By sharing the good work of your club members, your club can help grow the K-Kids program all over the world. 
    The deadline to complete the K-Kids Annual Achievement report is April 1, 2017.

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  • Recruiting drive! 5 tips to get started

    Elementary students are enthusiastic and energetic volunteers. They also love to learn and master new skills. Tap their potential in your school and community by asking current K-Kids members to think of ways to recruit new members.

    Here is a sample plan for how members could plan a recruitment drive.

          1. Discussion. The club officers could lead a discussion on why the
              club needs more members—and how inviting other students to
              join can have a positive impact on them.
          2. Brainstorm. The club can discuss how to motivate other students
              to join. Questions to help facilitate brainstorming include: What
              are simple ways that we can ask others? Should we hold a special
              event? Are there places such as announcements or bulletin boards
              where we can post an invitation?
          3. Plan. The club should start start planning the details of their
              recruitment drive: the responsibilities of each member, the
              timeline and deadlines for the event, talking points regarding why
              students should join, etc.
          4. Execute. Encourage members to show their K-Kids pride as they
              host their recruitment drive. Members should be able to express
              why others should join, how to join and what the club's upcoming
              activities are.
          5. Celebrate. Once the new members are initiated and welcomed
              into the club, celebrate the club’s recruitment efforts with a small
              party or member rewards.

    For a list of recruitment ideas, refer to page 46 of the K-Kids & Builders Club guide.

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  • Don't miss out on February's K-Kids contest

    Congratulations to the Best T-shirt Design's contest winner: K-Kids club of Connolly Elementary in the New York District! View their winning entry now.

    Starting February 1, K-Kids clubs can enter the Best Poster for a Cause contest. What are your members passionate about? What do they want to change? How do they want to make their school, community and world a better place? For this contest, club members will work together to design posters as part of an advocacy campaign. 

    Entries will be accepted until February 10. Club members, advisors, and other supporters may vote for their favorites from February 13–19. The winner will be announced February 27. Want to increase your club's chances of winning? Share your club's entry on social media and encourage your friends and family to vote! For more information about this contest, visit the Builders Club contest information page.

    Are your club members skilled in making oral reports, videos, songs, or scrapbooks? Check out the rest of this year's contests with members and enter!

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