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  • Preparing for next year: New officer elections and training

    For many clubs, the end of the school year is right around the corner. To make sure you have time to transition new club officers and provide training, be sure to hold elections no later than two months before the end of the year. On pages 32-39 of the K-Kids and Builders Club advisor guide, there is an outline of the election process and guidelines for officer training. To ensure a smooth transition process, have incoming leaders shadow outgoing officers.

    After the elections, share the results with your club’s sponsoring Kiwanis club and introduce the new officers. Engage Kiwanians to facilitate the officer training—draw on the strengths of these adult members to make the training more impactful.

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  • Order branded K-Kids T-shirts through the Kiwanis T-shirt Shop

    Who needs a graphic artist or professional designer? Not you! Now you can visit the Kiwanis T-shirt Shop and create your own T-shirt like a pro. Add your own club name, choose from a variety of great graphics and fabulous colors, and make them your own! These are perfect for personal, just-for-me-tees, or making a statement at your next community service or fundraising event. All designs are brand compliant so you can strut them with pride.

    Currently, K-Kids has three great graphics to choose from. Sizing guidelines are available. Once an order has been placed, allow 5-7 business days for production.

    This past November, the K-Kids club of Connolly Elementary in the New York district won the Best T-shirt Design contest. Their winning design is available in the Kiwanis T-shirt Shop for all K-Kids clubs to purchase.

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  • Don't miss out on K-Kids contests

    Congratulations to K-Kids at Walker Elementary in the Missouri-Arkansas District for winning the Best Poster for a Cause! The club was awarded a US$100 shopping spree to Kiwanis Warehouse.

    This month, K-Kids accepted entries and votes for the Best Speech or Oral Report. A winner will be announced at the end of this month and awarded a US$100 shopping spree to Kiwanis Warehouse, a premier online wholesale distributor.

    Interested in more contests? Here’s what’s coming up:

    Best Scrapbook (either online or hard copy): Due April 1
    K-Kids club members can highlight their club and their accomplishments by creating a scrapbook. Scrapbooks must be divided into the following sections:

        1. Heart to serve
            Share photos of club members displaying their passion to help

        2. Call to lead
            Share your most successful service project. Include two to
            three sentences about each of the following: Explain the need
            your club discovered. Explain the plan to help. Share photos
            of the service project in progress. Explain the impact of the
            project (Example: We collected books for 100 people). Share
            what club members learned.

        3. Courage to engage
            Share a fundraising project your club conducted to earn funds
            to address a cause. Share an advocacy campaign your club lead
            to engage others in a cause. A cause your club educated others

    For more information, view the complete rules.

    Annual Achievement Report: Due April 1
    K-Kids club members can complete this online form with the help of club advisors. This is a self-scoring report that shares which activities the club accomplished. Points are earned for each activity the club has completed. The more activities clubs conducts, the more points they earn. Depending on the number of points earned the club will be honored as a Distinguished Club or an Honor Club.
    • 15 points or more = Distinguished Club
    • 10 - 14 points = Honor Club
    A banner patch is mailed to the club faculty advisor the following September.

    Leadership Award: Due April 1
    The Kiwanis Children’s Fund’s Leadership Award recognizes outstanding K-Kids leaders. K-Kids faculty and Kiwanis advisors are encouraged to nominate club members who demonstrate outstanding leadership skills. One award recipient is honored within each Kiwanis district. Award recipients receive a US$100 gift card and medallion.
    Nominations are to be submitted to your district administrator, who judges club submissions, selects the winning entry, and scans and emails the winning entry to Kiwanis International’s by April 15. Find your district administrator by contacting

    Best Club Impact Video Contest: Entries accepted April 3-14
    Share how your club is making a difference by entering the best impact video contest. An advisor or a club member films the club completing a service project using his or her smartphone and uploads a 2 minute for viewing. For more information, view the complete rules.

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  • Celebrate Earth Day with an environmental service project

    Focusing on an environmental service project is a great way for K-Kids members to focus on a global topic in a local way. As a club, ask members: What is a problem Earth is facing? What environmental issues do we have in our community? What can we as a club do to make a difference on Earth Day?

    Need help with ideas? Here’s a few to get you started.

    • Start a trash recycling program at school
    • Hold a used clothing drive and donate the items to a consignment store
    • Run a campaign to reduce school cafeteria food waste
    • Create grocery bags from t-shirts
    Endangered Species
    • Learn about invasive plants and the challenges of controlling them
    • Raise money for an animal on the endangered species list
    • Educate others on the science of climate change
    • Advocate for cleaner oceans
    • Start a composting program at school
    • Plant trees and flowers in a public area
    • Clean up a busy public area
    • Create a garden program at school
    For even more environmental service project ideas, check out ideas from the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

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