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Developing the next generation of service leaders

Making a difference in your school and community is what K-Kids is all about. Club members identify needs and develop a plan of action to meet those needs. Foster self worth by encouraging members to reflect in the classroom and the community. These project ideas will get you started.

Help K-Kids members become more mindful and reflect on positive aspects of their lives by creating a gratitude jar. Check out K-Kids on Pinterest for printable decoration ideas. Distribute strips of paper to K-Kids so they may write what they are grateful for. Allow members to add to the jar as often as they would like. Decide how often the jar should be opened to reflect on entries—for example, at the end of each week or at the end of the school year. Mix up the entries by using a prompt from time to time, like “I love _______ because _______” or “I'm proud of _______ because _______.”

Help the club create positive posters or daily announcements to share with the the school. Allow each member to create his or her own poster or allow the club to create them as a group. Ask permission to hang the posters in busy areas of the school where people are more likely to see them. Check out how a middle school in Taylor Mill, Kentucky, started a movement to uplift others with powerful quotes. Decide how often the club will contribute to daily announcements and brainstorm messages of encouragement. If a principal or other adult normally handles the announcements, ask if a K-Kids member may be allowed to cover only the positive messaging portion.

Beautify an empty indoor space in your school or community by creating a wall of happiness. Using blank index cards, encourage K-Kids members to write what makes them happy. For smaller spaces, allow students to write multiple entries per card. For larger spaces, use one card per entry. Encourage members write in different colors to brighten the wall. For a more advanced project, bring in magazines and newspapers to allow members to cut out and paste images in addition to writing their own words. Once members are finished, display the index cards in either a simple grid or a unique pattern designed by them.

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