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What K-Kids Kiwanis advisors should know about elementary school teachers

A teacher’s job is not easy, but it’s very rewarding. Some of the tasks that make it challenging are filling out paperwork, detailing lesson plans and trying to reach and teach each and every child even though they are all very different. Teachers are too caring to leave anyone behind, which is why we get stressed in our careers. We care for each child as if they are our own and we want them to succeed more than anything. We will do whatever it takes to make sure every student has a voice and tries their hardest to reach their goals. No matter what obstacle is thrown our way, we will push through and make sure we stick to the curriculum map.

Not all schools are fortunate enough to have support in areas like behavior management and rewarding students who have achieved their academic goals. This is where your Kiwanis club can help. The Terrific Kids program rewards students for great behavior and the BUG (Bringing Up Grades) program rewards students for growing academically. These programs empower these young minds and acknowledge their great work.

Having a K-kids club is a great way for schools to serve the community service and create young leaders. K-Kids share their enthusiasm with other students and foster a spirit of community in their schools. Simply asking a school what it needs could open the door for community service for your Kiwanis club. Teachers will be so thankful for the smallest acts of kindness, and they may even show interest in joining your Kiwanis club.

Some creative teacher appreciation ideas include:
     1. Container of Starburst candy with printable “You’re a STAR
     2. Lantern or light with printable “Thank you for being a LIGHT in the
         life of a child”
     3. Oven mitt with a package of cake or cookie mix with printable
         “I have to AD-MITT you are a SWEET 
     4. Fruit-filled basket and fruit dip with printables:
         “You’re pretty much PLUM perfect”
        “You’re awesome to the CORE”
        “I think you’re GRAPE”
        “I’m BANANAS about your class”
        “Relax and take a DIP”

Thank you for the support you have given teachers and I encourage you to thank your faculty advisors for taking on an extra role to make sure the children of the world are on the right track.

With Kiwanis Family love,
Krystal Laudicina
Moody Elementary 4th grade teacher and K-Kids advisor

For more teacher appreciation ideas, check out K-Kids on Pinterest!

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