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Break the ice - jump start student connections

In an effort to encourage fellowship and fun, start with a couple icebreaker activities at the beginning of each meeting early in the year. 

Who Am I? 
Write the names of famous people on strips of paper - actors, singers, cartoon characters. Every club member gets a paper taped to his or her back. Members go around the room asking questions about their person, so they can guess who it is, but they are only allowed to ask questions that have “yes” or “no” as an answer!

Question Ball
Write numbers on a large beach ball and assign questions to each number. Club members stand in a circle and throw the ball to each other. When a person catches the ball, they read aloud the number under their right thumb. Members then answer the question assigned to that number, revealing a little about themselves. 

Help club members break into groups and pick a song for each group, such as “Three Blind Mice” or “Home on the Range.” Each person in the group gets a strip of paper with the song title on it. Then, each person will give his or her strip to someone outside the group. Once everyone has gotten a new song, cue club members to walk around the room humming their tune...until everyone finds all the other members with the same song. 

Follow the K-Kids Pinterest board for new ideas.

Does your club have a favorite ice breaker? Share the idea with us at
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