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5 ideas for Kiwanis Family Month

The last two months of the year are often the busiest for many clubs. Take advantage of opportunities to make club projects bigger and better by joining up with your local Kiwanis family members.

Here are five ideas for K-Kids:

      1. Invite the officers from the Kiwanis club that sponsors your K-Kids
          club to attend a club meeting as honorary guests.

      2. Collaborate with the club’s sponsoring Kiwanis club members in a
          hands-on service project.

      3. Ask the club’s sponsoring Kiwanis club for time to present K-Kids
          club updates at their board meeting.

      4. Locate a new Kiwanis club near you, and introduce yourself.

      5. Ask a new Kiwanis club or the sponsoring Kiwanis club to
          introduce your club to other SLP clubs they sponsor.

Here are five ways Kiwanis clubs can engage with their local SLP clubs
(K-Kids, Builders Club, Key Club, Circle K, Aktion Club):

      1. Sponsor a new SLP club.

      2. Pair a Kiwanis member with another Kiwanis family member to
          become pen pals.

      3. Write encouraging notes and messages to members of other

      4. Host a fundraiser for The Eliminate Project with another club.

      5. Create a Kiwanis family memento, such as a banner, wooden K,
          display board or anything else that club members can think of.

No matter what project you decide to do this November, be sure to check out K-Kids on Facebook and Twitter to find out how other clubs around the world are celebrating Kiwanis Family Month. And help spread the word about K-Kids:

       Show your personal pride by downloading and posting this
       'Proud K-Kids advisor' image on your social media accounts.
       Along with the image, share why you love K-Kids and how
       long you’ve served in your role. Encourage other K-Kids
       volunteers to do the same. 

      If your K-Kids club has its own social media account, consider
      downloading a ‘My Family Rocks’ image or the
      ‘Kiwanis Family Month’ Facebook cover photo.

      Tell parents that they can download and post this
      ‘Proud parent of a K-Kid’ image on their social media accounts.

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