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Recruiting drive! 5 tips to get started

Elementary students are enthusiastic and energetic volunteers. They also love to learn and master new skills. Tap their potential in your school and community by asking current K-Kids members to think of ways to recruit new members.

Here is a sample plan for how members could plan a recruitment drive.

      1. Discussion. The club officers could lead a discussion on why the
          club needs more members—and how inviting other students to
          join can have a positive impact on them.
      2. Brainstorm. The club can discuss how to motivate other students
          to join. Questions to help facilitate brainstorming include: What
          are simple ways that we can ask others? Should we hold a special
          event? Are there places such as announcements or bulletin boards
          where we can post an invitation?
      3. Plan. The club should start start planning the details of their
          recruitment drive: the responsibilities of each member, the
          timeline and deadlines for the event, talking points regarding why
          students should join, etc.
      4. Execute. Encourage members to show their K-Kids pride as they
          host their recruitment drive. Members should be able to express
          why others should join, how to join and what the club's upcoming
          activities are.
      5. Celebrate. Once the new members are initiated and welcomed
          into the club, celebrate the club’s recruitment efforts with a small
          party or member rewards.

For a list of recruitment ideas, refer to page 46 of the K-Kids & Builders Club guide.
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