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Celebrate Earth Day with an environmental service project

Focusing on an environmental service project is a great way for K-Kids members to focus on a global topic in a local way. As a club, ask members: What is a problem Earth is facing? What environmental issues do we have in our community? What can we as a club do to make a difference on Earth Day?

Need help with ideas? Here’s a few to get you started.

  • Start a trash recycling program at school
  • Hold a used clothing drive and donate the items to a consignment store
  • Run a campaign to reduce school cafeteria food waste
  • Create grocery bags from t-shirts
Endangered Species
  • Learn about invasive plants and the challenges of controlling them
  • Raise money for an animal on the endangered species list
  • Educate others on the science of climate change
  • Advocate for cleaner oceans
  • Start a composting program at school
  • Plant trees and flowers in a public area
  • Clean up a busy public area
  • Create a garden program at school
For even more environmental service project ideas, check out ideas from the United States Environmental Protection Agency.
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