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  • Drum roll please.......

    Contest judging is complete and the 2015-2016 K-Kids contest winners have been selected. Congratulations K-Kids contest winners.

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  • Introducing Kiwanis International staff

    Matthew Nance was born in Lebanon, Indiana. He earned his bachelor degree in English literature from DePauw University in 2010, and a master's degree in college student affairs from Eastern Illinois University in 2012. Matthew’s professional experience includes youth leadership, leadership development and education.

    As the leadership development specialist for Key Leader, Matthew writes curriculum for leadership and training programs, coordinates Key Leader event logistics and advises the Key Club International board.

    “It is very rewarding to see young people deciding to make a positive contribution to their school, in their community, and to this world,” Matthew says. “I love interacting with students who are outright saying they want the world to be a better place, and they are taking advantage of an opportunity to make it so for themselves and their peers.”

    In his spare time, Matthew enjoys volunteering with his church’s production team, coaching boys volleyball and spending time with fraternity brothers, friends and family.

    Matthew is third from the left in the photo above. He is pictured with his family.

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  • What’s coming up

    K-Kids teaches members how to find their passion, identify needs in the school or community and take action through service. During their extended break from school, challenge your K-Kids to take what they learned in the club and apply it to real life. Here are suggestions to help them get started:

    Service project ideas
    Have a family garage sale and donate the money to charity
    Make no-sew blankets and donate them to a children’s hospital
    Read a story to children at a daycare
    Donate toys you no longer use
    Recruit your friends to participate in an environmental cleanup effort
    Ask a family member to volunteer with you at an animal shelter
    Help family members out with chores

    Upcoming observances
    World Environment Day (Jun. 5)

    World Oceans Day (Jun. 8)
    World Day Against Child Labor (Jun. 12)
    World Blood Donor Day (Jun. 14)
    World Refugee Day (Jun. 20)
    International Day of Yoga (Jun. 21)
    World Population Day (Jul. 11)
    Nelson Mandela International Day (Jul. 18)
    World Hepatitis Day (Jul. 28)
    International Tiger Day (Jul. 29)
    World Day Against Trafficking Persons (Jul. 30)
    International Cat Day (Aug. 8)
    International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples (Aug. 9)
    International Youth Day (Aug. 12)
    World Elephant Day (Aug. 12)
    World Humanitarian Day (Aug. 19)
    International Dog Day (Aug. 26)
    International Day Against Nuclear Tests (Aug. 29)

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  • Thank YOU for saving lives

    Millions of women in 21 countries still need to be immunized—and your K-Kids club is crucial to saving their lives. Your club can help make that difference with these important final steps:

    Send in your donation. Use The Eliminate Project gift form for Kiwanis-family members when submitting all donations. Mail it to: The Eliminate Project, Kiwanis International, P.O. Box 6457 - Dept #286, Indianapolis, IN 46206. 

    Get recognized. Tell us about your project by completing this easy form to receive a participation patch for your club. You can also become a Bronze, Silver, Gold or 1K Club! Find out more. 

    Share your story. We want to hear how your club participated in Eliminate Week 2016. Use the hashtag #EliminateWeek on Twitter and share your photos with us on Facebook. Or email your story to

    If you have any questions, please contact Thank you again for your generous support . . . and for helping the Kiwanis family change the world. YOU are the heroes for the cause of saving babies!

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  • Celebrate your K-Kids by sharing their accomplishments

    Sharing with Kiwanis International
    Share what your club has accomplished this past year by taking time to complete the Annual Achievement Report. The form may be completed and submitted online, or users can download and print a copy and mail it to:
                    Attn: Lisa Pyron
                    Service Leadership Programs
                    Kiwanis International
                    3636 Woodview Trace

                    Indianapolis, IN 46268

    All clubs that complete the Annual Achievement Report by June 30, 2016, and earn a score above 10 will receive a banner patch from Kiwanis International. If you have a service project scheduled after this date that you would like to include in the report, please contact Lisa Pyron for an extension. All patches will be mailed to clubs in September. To update your club’s address, please contact

    Sharing with your sponsoring Kiwanis club

    Letting the members of your sponsoring Kiwanis club know what your K-Kids club has accomplished is the best way to thank them and let them know your club is making a difference. Because the Kiwanis advisor is a direct link to the sponsoring Kiwanis club, contact him or her to request time to present at an upcoming meeting. First, decide whether advisors will be the only presenters or if K-Kids members would like to participate. Next, decide how you will use a powerpoint, a picture slideshow, posters, etc. No matter who presents or how, here is what you should cover:

                    Service success. Share pictures and stories from the year’s
                    service projects. Include personal quotes by the members
                    and describe how the club has made a difference in their
                    lives. Tell Kiwanians what the club members have learned
                    from volunteering, and why the club is important to the
                    school and local community.

                    Numbers. After completing the Annual Achievement Report
                     for Kiwanis International, this part should be a breeze. Show
                    Kiwanis members the great work their club is sponsoring
                    through your club report, including: the number of students
                    in the club, total dollars raised, total number of service
                    projects, etc. Highlight information in the Annual
                    Achievement Report that you feel is most important.

                    Invitation. Does your K-Kids meeting space have the
                    capacity for extra guests? If so, encourage Kiwanis club
                    members to come to the final K-Kids meeting or the
                    year-end party. This is a great opportunity for Kiwanians
                    to introduce themselves to K-Kids members and observe
                    club culture first-hand. 

                    Feedback. Were there projects your K-Kids club completed
                    that were similar to the Kiwanis club’s? Ask Kiwanians for
                    ideas for next year’s service projects. This will open the door
                    to new possibilities and build momentum for the two clubs to
                    be more involved with each other in the future. 

    Following the presentation, don’t forget to formally thank your sponsoring Kiwanis club! Have your K-Kids members create thank you cards and distribute them to the Kiwanians in attendance.

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  • Notice: New Kiwanis advisor background check procedure

    Beginning in October 2016, all Kiwanis advisors to a Kiwanis Service Leadership Program club (which includes K-Kids) will be required to have a criminal background check conducted and verified by Kiwanis International. To prepare yourself and your Kiwanis club, read the complete information at

    The new requirement is part of Kiwanis International’s commitment to policies and procedures that create a safe experience for youth who perform service, build character and develop leadership. By knowing and adhering to our updated requirements, Kiwanis clubs and members follow the highest standards—and help ensure the safety of each and every person we serve.

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